Saturday, 14 June 2008

FAQ 9 - When S**T happened..!

Well based on my experience when having accident on your own, in my case my Airbag Burst while hitting the roadside curb. What you need to do...!

1. If the car have no damage other than airbag and the police but they are unlikely to come because Qatar is quite a busy state for them to attend such a case. Keep on trying and do't wait for too long like 5 hours or so, then change the tire yourself and use spare.

2. Proceed to traffic and let them evaluate, they will asked why not wait for them to come, then give them reason that you are trying for several hours.

3. Get the signed, stamp report.( you'll be summoned for QR100)

4. Proceed to insurance company and let them evaluate.

5. Then the company will asked you to get estimate from your workshop (Mannai, Honda, Toyota etc).

6. You'll will have a chance to include everything as an insurance claim not limited to the accident only, i.e if you having you rear end bumper broken then this is the chance to make-it-up..!

7. Wait the car to be repaired...this will took longer than you expected, especially when deally with airbag for a new model.....not 1 mth, not 2 mths, not 3mths and definitely not 4 mths for them to be 100% completed and satisfied.

Friday, 13 June 2008

FAQ 8 - 15% Gulf Air Discount...

Don't be shocked by this news, well it is true. But you have to:

1. be MAQ(Malaysian Association of Qatar) member.
2. registered with Malaysian Embassy
3. Malaysian Citizen live in Qatar.
4. get the letter of recommendation and proved of the above from Malaysian Embassy.
5. bring the letter to Gulf Air ticketing office
6. pay in cash
7. enjoy 15% discount on published fare.

good luck and happy holiday

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

FAQ 7 - Changing JOBs

' Will Update Soon... be patience.....!!!!

FAQ 6 - Expired Msian Passport While in DOHA

Renew passport (experience of Syed Muhammad Faisal Syed Mustafa)

Boleh mintak mbc antar ke Jeddah atau ke Malaysia.
· Jeddah – paspot dia x der ‘cip’
· Malaysia – paspot dia ada ‘cip’

Kalau Saudi, tempoh siap dalam 1-2 mggu. Kalau antar Malaysia, tempoh siap boleh sampai 3 bulan (bergantung dgn mbc nyer ‘diplomatic mail bag’ ka apa ka….). pengalaman aku, aku antar Malaysia dan siap x sampai sebulan. Aku antar ‘by hand’ melalui member yg nak balik Malaysia. Tapi permohonan tu mesti melalui mbc kita kat doha gak laa…caranya…
1. Hantar permohonan ke konsular mbc kita. (gambar, borang, dll.) borang ada ngan konsular kat mbc.
2. Bayar (ntah brp Qr, aku x ingat) ke kounsular. Cakap kat depa, kita nak hantar sendiri permohonan ke Malaysia, jd x yah ler byr kurier.
3. Konsular akan siapkan ‘sealed envelope with cover letter’. Permohonan kita (ngan resit bayaran) semua ada la dlm sampul tu sekali.
4. Kirim melalui member (YG BOLEH DIPERCAYAI) yg nak balik Malaysia.
5. Sampai Malaysia, mintak tolong ahli keluarga bwk sampul tadi ke imigresen putra jaya (aku tak pasti pejabat imigresen lain boleh tak terima sampul ni.)
6. Bila dah siap, imigresen akan kirim balik ke mbc kita kat doha. (yg ni x der pilihan, paspot x boleh org lain yg amek).
7. Mbc akan tepon kita suruh amek paspot yg dah siap sambil bawak paspot lama utk dibatalkan.
8. Pastu buat ler proses pemindahan RP dari paspot lama ke paspot baru…yg tu, HR kita yg buatkan.

FAQ 5 - Newborn in DOHA

New born (experience of Tuan Syed Muhammad Faisal Syed Mustafa - QTel)

1. Dapatkan borang dari Qatar National Health Authority (kat Al-Ahli, staff dia akan round gi setiap bilik dan kasi borang sambil beritahu dokumen2 yg perlu dilampirkan):

a. Fotokopi paspot ibu dan bapa bayi
i. Mukasurat bio
ii. Mukasurat RP
b. Fotokopi RP
c. Fotokopi sijil nikah

2. Borang dan lampiran hantar ke Hamad Women Hospital (diorang nk masukkan data jer…kejap jer, 10-15 minit dia pulangkan balik)

3. Borang dan lampiran tu bawak pulak ke National Health Authority (sebelah Lulu Centre, Al-Sadd. Seberang jalan dari Hamad Hospital)
a. Tingkat 3, utk pengisian borang dalam bahasa arab (masa ni kang dia tanya, nama anak nak eja camner?)
b. Tingkat bawah utk pembayaran (satu salinan surat beranak QR 20. Aku buat 2 salinan…hehehe. Ikut nasihat sham beng, satu laminate, satu bakal lunyai…hehehe)
c. Datang balik bila dah siap. Siap dalam masa seminggu.

4. Dokumen2 utk permohonan paspot bayi (dihantar ke bahagian konsular mbc doha). Bayi mesti hadir utk cap jari (…penyeksaan bagi ibu bapa, hehehe).
a. 4 keping gambar ukuran paspot bayi, latar belakang biru. (Tapi mamat ya’qob kat mbc tu pakai 3 jer…)
b. 3 salinan fotokopi paspot bapa (mukasurat bio dan mukasurat belakang…yg ada tandatangan kita tuuuuu.)
c. 3 salinan fotokopi paspot ibu (mukasurat sama cam kat atas.)
d. 3 salinan fotokopi kad pengenalan malaysia bapa (depan belakang).
…nadia kan Indonesia, jd aku tak pasti kad pengenalan ibu kena buat gak…pasal nadia x der kad pengenalan Malaysia.
e. 3 salinan fotokopi RP bapa (depan belakang)
f. 3 salinan fotokopi RP ibu (depan belakang)
g. 3 salinan fotokopi sijil nikah
h. 3 salinan fotokopi surat beranak bayi
i. Qr 35 (surat beranak dari mbc malaysia doha)
j. Qr 300 (bayaran kurier)
k. Saudi Riyal 200 (utk paspot bayi dari mbc kat Jeddah)
l. Isi borang permohonan paspot (kat mbc jer)
m. Isi borang permohonan surat beranak (kat mbc gak)

FAQ 4 - Sealine Hotel

This information was forwarded by a friend on 11 June 2008, so the price may varies and could be more or less (less likely to happen)

With reference to your email today, it is our great pleasure to inform you with our room rates and descriptions as follows:

Villa Description (can accomodate 5-6 persons)

A Villa has three bedrooms, one king size bed and two with two separate beds, two bathrooms, living room, dining area with kitchen, microwave oven and a fridge. At the front, there is tiled terrace with seating and Bricks B.B.Q grill stand as well as outdoor beach shower. There is direct access from each villa to the beach and the sea. (Catering pack can be provided with an additional fee)

Rate: 3000.00 Qatari Riyals per Villa per night on weekend (Thursday to Saturday), on room only basis inclusive of tax without breakfast.

2500.00 Qatari Riyals per Villa per night on weekdays (Sunday to Wednesday), on room only basis inclusive of tax without breakfast.

Chalet Description (can accomodate 4 persons)

A Chalet has two bedrooms, one with king size bed and other with two separate beds, one separate bathroom, living room, dining area with a microwave oven and a mini fridge. At the front, there is a tiled terrace with seating and Bricks B.B.Q. grill stand as well as an outdoor beach shower. There is direct access from each chalet to the beach and the sea. (Catering Pack can be provided with an additional fee)

Rate: 2000.00 Qatari Riyals per Chalet per night on weekend (Thursday to Saturday),on room only basis inclusive of tax without breakfast.

1500.00 Qatari Riyals per Chalet per night on weekdays (Sunday to Wednesday), on room only basis inclusive of tax withoutbreakfast.

Room Description (can accomodate 2 person)

A superior room either with a King size bed (or) two single beds with an attached bathroom, some are located on the ground floor with terrace and some on the first floor with a balcony, all are overlooking the beach, sea, gardens and swimming pools

Rate: 1000.00 Qatari Riyals per Room per night on weekend (Thursday to Saturday), on room only basis inclusive of tax without breakfast.

800.00 Qatari Riyals per room per night on weekdays (Sundayto Wednesday), on room only basis inclusive of tax without breakfast.

FAQ 3 - Maid Visa/RP

Well.. ramai jugak rakan2 yang baru datang bawak family ask me about this, I think because I have a family here and we did bring our helper together but 'Not that instance'..!

' I think it is impossible to bring together with the family since it's not possible to get her Visa's directly UNLESS apply for visit VISA first '.

My case:
Visa application thru agency:
1. Apply for Maid Visa bring together, your RP, copy passport(you, your wife, birth cert of children), NOC fr u'r company.
2. Pay for application service - QR 250
3. wait few days <>
4. Then upon approval proceed with VISA processing and another QR250 + Harga Visa (around QR 1000). Few days check again thru MoI website and traight away can print when available.
5. If still not available >1wk, call agency, even if take more than 5 days(working).

All of the above steps can be done personally if you're too kedekut utk keluarkan duit...! boleh jimat QR500, but you'll be frustrated more than you can imagined (in most of the cases..)


Proceed as your doing for your self:
1. Medical commission
2. CID
3. Submit for RP

Maid - traveling assistance service can be arranged by MAS/ AL-MAHA (Qatar Airways - QR200 will be charged from aircraft to checkout)
*** dont forget to have the Blood Cert also for HER